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‘As a Tale That is Told’ Extract 30 Page 86-87

Club develops and MN identifies practical leadership of folk revival..

It was at this time that the elder girls of the Club began the work for children which has been such a marked feature of our work ever since. It began in such a tiny way, it has developed in such a wonderful way. a girl of sixteen the eldest of a family of six, with no advantages, no money, but equipped with the good breeding only found, I am sometimes tempted to think, amongst those who have known the depths as well as the heights of society, and equipped with the true woman’s desire to help and uplift, came to me and said, “How do you think it would do if I get to the Club early and make some lemonade for the girls, I think it would give ‘em courage this hot weather?” I said I thought it was an excellent idea and I lent her half-a-crown for the initial outlay. She used to go every evening after that and make and serve out the lemonade, selling a large glass for a half-penny. When Autumn came again she asked us, “Couldn’t I get in some of the children who are always outside when the juniors are let into the Club, some of the other girls would help and we could teach them songs and games?” Again this answer was very emphatically in the affirmative. And so began our “Babies Club” since famous through the land
for their folk games and songs and dances and described by the “Times” as the real leaders of the revival of folk music in England.


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‘As a Tale That is Told’ Extract 30 Page 86-87