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‘As a Tale That is Told’ Extract 31 Page 91-92

Life in London..

But to all comes their inheritance as Londoners - - - the flash and play, the change and interest and fascination of life, which somehow or other takes hold of all Londoners, and most of all perhaps of those who, as children, have lived, as the sparrows, on the hospitable and friendly streets; those whose food is salted with human fellowship; whose every means of existence comes
apparently through purely human channels; who have become possessed, in their own unconscious way, of the feeling of universal life. We Londoners live at any rate, we don’t pine, we have a larger world than the individual existence. As one of our girls once pithily put it: “We don’t ‘ave much money, but we do see life.” Yes, no-one knows, perhaps, and no-one dares to tell all that they do know, of darkest London; but who knows either, except those who dwell there, the fascination of even its “mean streets”? There is a sort of magical recuperative faculty in London and in the children of her streets.


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‘As a Tale That is Told’ Extract 31 Page 91-92