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Sally McKay

Sally McKay draws the human form, creating life-affirming and dynamic drawings, paintings, sculpture and etchings. Unlike most artists, who’ll work from a static model, Sally actively seeks to represent figures in motion using dance as her stimulus. Drawing performers during rehearsal and training, the work embodies a sense of energy, vitality and rhythm. 

Sally’s most recent exhibition was in New York of drawings of Martha Graham Dance Company in rehearsal. In 2009 she will draw and exhibit at Laban, work with Candoco, Tamasha, Siobhan Davies Dance and Walker Dance Park Music. In May 14th her solo show opens at GVart Chiltern Street W1.

“The shift of weight, the so familiar and particular outline of a Graham dancer, the intensity of the movement, it is all there. What a beautiful way to immortalize the work of Martha Graham.”

Virginie Mecene
Director Martha Graham School Of Contemporary Dance

Virginie Mecene Director Martha Graham School Of Contemporary Dance Sally is having a solo exhibition called ‘Chasing Shadows’ at GV Art. The dates are: 14th May to 20th June 2009 Tuesday to Friday

Sally McKay


  • Sally McKay's drawings from the Research Day
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