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Rosemary Lee

Rosemary Lee has been choreographing, performing and directing for twenty years. Her work is characterised by a desire to work in a variety of contexts, constituencies and media. Her creative output is diverse: large scale site specific work with community casts numbering up to 250; solos for herself and other performers; films for broadcast television, commissioned works for dance companies in theatre settings and most recently interactive video installations.

Rosemary Lee’s works are distinguished by a simplicity of movement which spotlights the humanity of her performers. It is this humanity which is a recurring focus of her work in all its settings whether with trained or untrained performers. She has tried throughout her career to gently challenge invisible boundaries between different areas of dance and to encourage new ways of perceiving and experiencing dance and movement.

Recently Rosemary has increasingly worked with film and video, closely collaborating with a range of artist/filmmakers. These projects have included short films for broadcast (boy, greenman, Infanta & Snow) a 40-minute documentary for the Foundation for Community Dance (Dancing Nation), live performance merging with video projection (Passage & Brink) and installation (Apart from The Road & Remote Dancing). She is currently working on a large scale outdoor projection project that is interactive with the weather.

Her new commission Common Dance from Greenwich Dance Agency and Dance Umbrella will be premiered in Dance Umbrella 2009 and is planned to include a new choral work by Terry Mann for a large young choir and 50 particpants of all ages. She has also recently curated an event for dance artists with Norfolk Dance involving scientists and naturalists giving walks and talks to dancers, and will be curating Wilding with Gill Clarke for Independent Dance, March-April 2009 involving dance labs, talks and walks looking at the notion of wildness in the city.

She teaches and lectures internationally and also writes, Rosemary is an Associate Artist at ResCen, Middlsex University, and an Artsadmin artist.

Rosemary Lee