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Janet Foster

Janet Foster is a professionally qualified archivist who works as a freelance archives and records management consultant for a range of clients, from learned societies to theatre companies. Currently advising the Royal Festival Hall on establishing an archive, previous involvement with performance archives includes the LIFT Living Archive and Learning Maps for the London International Festival of Theatre and motiroti for Future Histories. Janet is also a Director of the Archive-Skills Consultancy Ltd (TASC).

Janet Foster


It was a chance to meet all those people who were mostly performers. I don’t often do that. I particularly enjoyed the music and dancing. Damien led the dancing brilliantly, having said he didn’t want to.

I was disappointed in the work at the tables. I suppose as I had seen the material before, I wanted to talk about what we found interesting about it, but my group just got stuck into reading. We needed a more focussed brief: ie ‘Take a quick look at this material, choose one thing that particularly interests you and then have discussion amongst yourselves about what it gives to you.”.

I realty enjoyed doing my ‘archive’ bit, I felt people were listening and I got some very good feedback.

My overall impression was that it was a very good day.