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‘As a Tale That is Told’ Extract 21 Page 64-65

The Girls’ Club early days (before The Espérance)

After the morning spent in the Relief Office, it was a welcome change to go to the Girls’ Club in the evenings. But the Club in those days was one of our biggest problems. The girls were of the roughest and most unruly. Dead cats were thrown in if we had an open window, lights were turned off and furniture thrown about, and there was often such a pandemonium that it was impossible to make oneself heard. A different “Sister” took charge every night.

Things got so desperate that it was decided either to close the Club or get one of us to take entire charge, be there every night and so establish some sort of law and order. Eventually I was asked to be this one and I accepted.
The first night I took charge the same pandemonium began. I opened the door and turned the lot out saying next night I should only admit four and when I saw that these four could behave another four would be admitted and so on. To-day, forty years after, I know where those
four are..


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‘As a Tale That is Told’ Extract 21 Page 64-65