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‘As a Tale That is Told’ Extract 23 Page 66-67

MN expresses EPL and MN shared vision
April 1891

Even in those long ago days I had dimly come to understand what since became both to her and to me a settled belief that it is only those “who dream the impossible dream” to whom the dream ever becomes reality. It was this capacity for holding the dream in spite of many sordid realities, the capacity for actually changing those apparently immovable realities or of transmuting them by the hidden alchemy of the dream that first gave me my immense faith in her ability and her executive capacity….

She arrived at the Sisterhood House one afternoon late in April and my impression of her is clear after so many years, that is to say, certain impressions stand out and will always remain for me the most characteristic. Wonderfully beautiful eyes, a dignified but shy and rather deprecating manner, a very attractive speaking voice with just a touch in it of the soft West Country from which she came, and under it all and shining from eye and lips the flame of an enthusiasm which has never burnt low or failed to light up the whole life.

As I was leaving town the day after her arrival, though feeling extremely ill, I was just able to get to the Club that evening, introduce her to the girls and tell them she was taking my place. ….



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‘As a Tale That is Told’ Extract 23 Page 66-67