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Response letter to Lucy Neal from Mr Payling

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Credit: Mr Payling and Lucy Neal


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Response letter to Lucy Neal from Mr Payling

17 February 2009
I went to Highams Park School, London E4, the school was divided into 4 'houses' one of which was called 'Payling'. Payling House is named after Elizabeth Payling, an outstanding academically successful ex-pupil. In 1979 she achieved 13 GCE O levels (forerunners of GCSEs) at A grades and in 1981 2 grade As at A-level, and 2 grade As at what was called S level, a higher standard than even A level! She went on to study at Oxford University and gained a Bachelor of Arts degree before moving onto Lancaster University to gain a Masters of Science degree. Until recently she lived locally. I believe the above letter is from Paylings in Highams Park, so they may be related.


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