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Letter from Mary Neal to Cecil Sharp 1909 'early days of our friendship'

The Crown Inn
Nr Stratford
May 6
(pencil addition 1909)

Dear Mr Sharp
Please excuse paper but I am writing at a little Inn in the country and have no other here.

This is my native country and I know and love it all and have enjoyed being here.
I am writing just on an impulse after yesterday because while you were talking to those children I was very vividly reminded of the early days of our friendship when I felt we had so much in common that we were sure to be able to work together.

I want you to come and have a talk because letter writing is so very unsatisfactory and because I am very grieved at the various misunderstandings that have entered into our work.

I came away yesterday inspired both by the successes and the shortcomings and full of ideas for future development and improvements. After all we have helped one another to make England a more beautiful place for the young folks, the work must go on and it is a thousand pities not to do it together.
Florrie is coming to see me at the flat (21 Somerset Terrace) on Saturday and I shall be in on Sunday afternoon too. If either of those times you are in town will you come and discuss future plans for helping the music to reach more people in the best way,
Yrs sincerely
Mary Neal


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