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Dutch House, Holmwood

This is the house, designed by Edwin Lutyens,  that the Pethick-Lawrence's bought in Holmwood, Dorking. In the hallway is the inscription added by the Pethick-Lawrences 'Oh Liberty Thou Choicest Treasure'. Many suffragettes would come here to recuperate from being force-fed in Holloway Prison. The couple had to leave the house in 1912 when made bankrupt and ejected from the WSPU.  The house today stands on the very busy A24 to Dorking and was used as a cottage hospital during the first world war. The Sundial House lies a few 100 metres due North and was built for the Espérance girls by Arnold Dunbar-Smith.

Credit: Lucy Neal


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Dutch House, Holmwood

16 January 2017
Kathy Atherton
Hello There Wonderful website that i have been checking into for many years. I wonder if you would be able to tell me where the info comes from that the Mascot was used as a hospital during WW1? I have written on both the history of the Holmwoods and on the Dorking area in the GReat War, but not come across this before - it would be good to follow that up as an addition to local knowledge. Also i can confirm that the Pls did not leave the Mascot in 1912; they transferred ownership for a while to Emmeline's brother in law to keep it out of the hands of the courts, and their possessions were auctioned instead. But they stayed there until 1920 when they built a new house in Peaslake. All the best Kathy


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