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  • Vida Brown
  • Vida Brown was born in River Forest Illinois in 1922, the youngest of Florrie Warren's three daughters. Her elder sisters are Cicely, born in 1912 and living today in Iowa and Dorothy, who was born in 1915, but is no longer alive.

    Vida herself has had a remarkbaly successful dance career herself, joining the Ballet de Jeunesse at the age of 16 and becoming George Balanchine's Ballet Mistress with the New York City Ballet from the 1950s on. Watch an interview with Vida filmed in June 2008 here.  An interview of Vida conducted in Feb 2009 by Dr Anne Hogan, from  London Metropolitan University can be viewed in the Library at  London Contemporary Dance School based at The Place


    Florrie Warren, Vida's mother was reputed to be upbeat, friendly, funny, quick witted and loved by everyone. Rhett Krause,  a US Morris dancer and a friend of Vida's, says:

    'You will find with Vida, that the apple has not fallen very far from the tree'